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Our signature Comedy Nights fill the hearts and minds of six and seven-figure female business owners and it is all possible because of our sponsors.

If you want to make a personal connection with a targeted group of top-earning, female business leaders, talk to our team about sponsoring a Comedy Night event. We welcome many different companies to consider showcasing their woman-owned businesses.

• Events take place every other month or six times each year
• Approximately 75-125 six and seven-figure business owners attend our signature events
• Most of the women at Dames Night Out events are headed toward the million dollar mark
• The attendees include Dames members and non-members

Sponsorship Perks

  • Sponsorship is for one event; events are held every other month or six times each year
  • Approximately 75-126 six and seven-figure business owners attend our in-person events
  • The attendees include Dames members and non-members
  • Logo, description and offer on the event registration page
  • Logo, description and offer in event email campaigns
  • Signage and other marketing materials displayed at the event
  • 5-Minute Spotlight to share your pitch and call-to-action from the event stage


"I sponsored Denver Dames event in April. From my $250 investment, I was able to receive a 330% ROI within a few weeks! In addition, the one client that purchased a new HVAC system from us, is a real estate investor, so I am sure we will see her again on another project! I wholeheartedly recommend being a sponsor of Denver Dames!"
Susan Frew, Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air


"“I received 8 times my investment as a sponsor for Denver Dames - and that was all generated at the event I sponsored! That is AWESOME and allows me to serve several new clients with my hand analysis work. Woo-hoo!""
Jayne Sanders, Precision Wisdom

Benefits of sponsorship:

  • Exposure to a targeted group of female entrepreneurs who are running businesses rooted in the 6-figure revenue realm
  • Maximum exposure to these women before, during and after events
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s unique selling proposition during a two-minute promotional opportunity at the event

Features of sponsorship:

  • Your logo and business information on the Denver Dames event page, with links to your website.
  • Email promotion to our entire list in emails leading up to the event and to the attendees post event
  • Space for your marketing materials, signs and other information to promote your business at the event.
  • During the event, you will be given the spotlight for a couple of minutes to share information on your unique product or service!

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Food Sponsor

Light appetizers are sponsored by this company.

Venue Sponsor

The beautiful location for this event is sponsored by this company.

*all sponsorships $300


Send Kyle an email and he'll get back to you shortly!

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